Front Office Friday: Helping put the “Grand” in Grandstands … Keith Sweeney!

Hard to believe that five games at “The Joe” are in the books! We concluded our first homestand of 2014 with a 3-2 record and three games that were sold out! Thank you, fans!

Two more games are on tap for the upcoming week, Monday and Tuesday, as we play host to the Vermont Lake Monsters. Monday night is our Night of Champions, complete with a 2013 Championship Ring Desktop Replica Giveaway! Tuesday, we celebrate local softball leagues and teams and finish off the quick trip home with fireworks! Still some tickets left, so come on out for a fun night of baseball!

To prep for the weekend, we’re back with our Front Office Friday series. Today’s featured Front Office member is Stadium Operations Manager Keith Sweeney. If there’s work to be done at “The Joe,” Keith and his team are on it.

Keith stands proud of the stadium he’s played a major part in setting up!

Keith is in his ninth season as a full-time employee and has been involved with stadium ops all seven years. While he was attending and playing baseball at the College of St. Rose, Keith interned with the ‘Cats in the operations role. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Sports Management in 2006. Prior to St. Rose, Keith played for Mitchell College, where he received his Associate’s Degree in Sports Management.

If you’ve seen Keith around the Capital Region, you likely have seen his son, Carter. Keith spends as much time as possible with Carter, including going to his sporting events, cheering on their favorite Boston sports teams together and bringing him to the stadium for ValleyCats games.

Here’s a little bit more about Keith…

Q) If you weren’t working for the ValleyCats, what would you be doing?
A) I started working here right after graduating St. Rose and I honestly can’t think of doing anything else besides working in sports or events in some capacity. I love being outside working on different projects so what I do here is exactly what I like to do.

Q) Who is your favorite MLB team?
A) My hometown is 45 minutes south of Boston so I am an all New England fan, which would make my favorite baseball team the Boston Red Sox.

Q) What is your favorite sport other than baseball and who is your favorite team in that sport?
A) I love them all honestly. I am the guy, especially during playoffs, who is pacing around and screaming at the TV.

Q) What are some of your hobbies?
A) I have a 7-year-old son Carter, who is the best thing that ever happened to me. Whatever he is doing for a hobby that’s what I am doing.

Q) What is your favorite genre of music?
A) Hip Hop, R&B and I have to admit I do like maybe 3 country songs!

Q) What is your favorite meal to eat?
A) Steak and Cheese preferably from D’Angelos

Q) What is your favorite pet or an ideal pet?
A) Rottweiler

Q) What is your favorite movie?
A) The Fast and Furious series as well as the Rush Hour series.

Q) What has been your favorite moment at “The Joe?”
A) There are many great memories here so I would have to break it into team and office. The 2010 season was the most exciting season. Most probably forget the run we had through August to win our 1st Championship and Brooklyn’s 3 game series. 2011 was a great year all around starting with the front office all the way to the interns. Besides our All-Star game in 2008 the All-Star weekend in Lowell most of us won’t ever forget.

Q) If you could have one super power, what would it be?
A) I don’t know if it’s necessarily a “super power” but I want to be able to teleport. I want to be in Boston at 7 watching the Sox but then be on South Beach at 11pm walking the beach.

Here’s Keith showing off a foul ball he caught at Fenway Park earlier this season!

Q) What position would you play if you played for the ValleyCats?
A) SS or Closer

Q) What is your favorite quote?
A) “Figure it out!” or “Hook ’em”

Q) Who is your all-time favorite baseball player?
A) Trot Nixon, hence why Nixon is my son’s middle name.

Q) If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would they be?
A) Shaq, my Grandfather, and Carter

Q) If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
A) Buy a yacht so I have a house wherever in the world I want. Set Carter and my family up with more than enough money to live on. Open a school that has the best programs in the country for children with disabilities. Lastly, open a neighborhood breakfast diner! Haha, very random I know!

Keith, you and your team have done a tremendous job getting the stadium ready for the season! We thank you for your continuous hard work and dedication to the ValleyCats!

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