Front Office Friday: Dianna Blanchard is keeping the stadium “full”

Whew! What a busy couple of weeks it’s been! Interns began rolling into the office over the past couple of weeks, fresh out of their spring semester’s at school. The season is swiftly arriving, as we’re three weeks away from Opening Night!

We took an extra week to make sure we got all the juicy details for this week’s Front Office Friday feature. Dianna Blanchard is going on her third season as Food and Beverage Coordinator with the ‘Cats. Dianna earned her undergrad degree from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts before returning home to the Capital District to earn her MBA at Union Graduate College. While at MCLA, Dianna played for the school’s volleyball and basketball teams, and continues to play volleyball in her free time.

Dianna has full control of the concession areas at Joe Bruno Stadium!


A reminder to concession workers, this is painted above the main kitchen.

On game days, Dianna is working around the clock to ensure all the food is prepped, the food areas are ready to go, and her employees are in line. Dianna’s food areas include: Top of the Hill Bar & Grill, Field of Dreams, Picnic Pavilion, The Porch, our Luxury Suites and Diamond Club, the general concession stands, vendor carts, hawkers and probably a few others that I’ve forgotten (thank goodness she has it all in order!). We have a large game day staff and many of them are working the concession areas overseen by Dianna. In the off-season, she’s busy coming up with new menu items for our fans to try and we think you’ll like what we have to offer this year! Get ready for some delicious offerings at the concession stands!

In the meantime, let’s learn a little more about Sweet D…

Q) If you weren’t working for the ValleyCats, what would you be doing?
A) I would be on tour as a backup hip hop dancer. Luckily for the ValleyCats, I have no dance moves or rhythm.

Q) Who is your favorite MLB team?
A) To me there is no one better than the ‘Cats.

Q) What is your favorite sport other than baseball and who is your favorite team in that sport?
A) I’m a big volleyball fan. The best team is Fireballz, obviously.

Q) What are some of your hobbies?
A) During the off-season I try to play volleyball and travel as much as I can. I also enjoy the occasional series binge watching on Netflix.

Q) What’s your favorite genre of music?
A) I like to sing to country and dance to house music.

Q) What’s your favorite meal to eat?
A) Start with some tomato, basil, mozz. Then it’s a tie between my mom’s meatloaf and her mac ‘n cheese. A Philadelphia roll on the side. And end it all with a nice warm brownie sundae.

Q) What’s your favorite pet or an ideal pet?
A) I’ve always wanted a monkey, but realistically a lab or pug.

Q) What’s your favorite movie?
A) My favorite sports movies are Miracle and A League of Their Own. I’ve also enjoyed pretty much every rom-com ever made.

Q) What’s been your favorite moment at “The Joe?”
A) Every time the national anthem singer nails the Land of the Free note and the energy it sends through the stadium #Merica

Q) If you could have one super power, what would it be?
A) Hmm…is time travel a super power? That would be pretty cool.

Q) What position would you play if you played for the ValleyCats?
A) 1st base.

Dianna proudly holds the NYPL Championship Trophy from 2013!

Q) What’s your favorite quote?
A) On Gamedays: “Meals and Memories made here daily.”
Non-Gamedays: “Not all who wander are lost.”

Q) Who is your all-time favorite baseball player?
A) I forgot his name…

Q) If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would they be?
A) James Franco, Oprah, Elvis Duran

Q) If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
A) I would probably put the first million into a POS (point-of-sale) system. Then, I would give some to friends and family. Then, I would probably spend a few years traveling and eating my way around the world.

Makes sense for the Food & Bev Coordinator to want to “eat her way around the world!” Thanks for putting on a great menu, Dianna! Our fans would go hungry without you!

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