Helping Hands

Last Friday, members of our front office took some time to cook and serve lunch for members of the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless in Albany.

The Interfaith Partnership is such a vital part of our local community, as they are dedicated to addressing the needs of the homeless and low-income community.

They provide great services to encourage self-sufficiency, empowerment, and stability. These include housing, health and wellness, and youth programs just to name a few.

Lunch was absolutely delicious! Our menu included baked ziti and meatballs, salad, steamed green beans, and cookies for desert!

Here are a few photos:

Photo Jan 31, 10 52 56 AM

Ryan and Dianna prepping the food

Photo Jan 31, 10 53 12 AM

Photo Jan 31, 11 41 37 AM

Jess cooking the green beans

Photo Jan 31, 12 19 40 PM

Michelle, Chris and Jess serving

For more information on the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless, visit

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