Community Grounds Crew Renovation Recap: Troy Central Little League

The Tri-City ValleyCats and BlueShield of Northeastern New York’s Community Grounds Crew Program just completed renovation on Frank Welch Memorial Field at Troy Central Little League. This specific renovation hit home with the ‘Cats, as it took place in their hometown city.

Troy Central  has been in the community since 1955, and this past season the league saw its membership increase to 125 players across 11 different teams.

As the league continues to grow, it is necessary to provide them with a playing surface that is safe, and in the best condition possible to ensure that the youth ballplayers enjoy the learning experience.

Here are a few photos before the renovation:





The first step was to remove the old infield grass:

Photo Oct 17, 9 35 06 AM


While that was taking place, the pitcher’s mound and home plate were both removed:

Photo Oct 17, 8 44 19 AM

Both the pitcher’s mound and home plate areas were rebuilt to the correct specs:


Photo Oct 17, 9 34 58 AM

The work on this field, and all others renovated through the Community Grounds Crew, wouldn’t be possible without the support of BlueShield of Northeastern New York. Kaitlyn from BSNENY spend some time in the morning helping us out! Here she is with ValleyCats Assistant General Manager, Matt Callahan.

Photo Oct 17, 9 59 26 AM

Once the old grass had been torn up and taken away, new dirt was raked into the infield to make the playing surface as even as possible.

Photo Oct 17, 10 41 41 AM

Photo Oct 17, 10 41 36 AM

Then, brand new sod was laid:

Photo Oct 17, 1 55 18 PM

Photo Oct 17, 1 54 47 PM


Once all the new sod was laid, the baselines were torn up to remove the weeds, and new dirt was raked in. The pitcher’s mound and homeplate areas were completely rebuilt, brand new bases were put in, and the field was raked one final time.

Here are some great after shots of the brand new infield!

Photo Oct 17, 5 39 04 PM

Troy Central Complete Infield

Troy Central Complete Infield2

By now, the grass has begun to grow nicely into the dirt, and will be in perfect shape once spring rolls around! We can’t wait until Troy Central’s Opening Day in April!



The Community Grounds Crew is a collaborative effort between the ValleyCats and BlueShield of Northeastern New York, to undertake field renovation projects on youth fields throughout the year. The ValleyCats’ field renovations have been an annual tradition since 2003 when the first field was officially renovated by the ‘Cats in South Troy. Each year since, they have expanded upon its success.  In 2011 the ‘Cats created the ambitious ‘4 in 24’ project to renovate four youth playing fields in the course of just a 24 hour time period, something totally unique to any field renovation initiative in the country.

Each project is also supported by the New York-Penn League Charitable Foundation. Contributions come from past events such as the Capital Region Craft Brewers Festival, hosted by the ValleyCats and Brown’s Brewing Company, and baseball tournaments like the Capital Region Series and Battle of the Beverages, which included teams from local and regional businesses.

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