‘Cats in the Community

While the team was at home for the past week, our Street Team and Southpaw were participating in many different exciting events in the area as part of the ‘Cats Care program!

SouthPaw was able to meet some of the E. Stewart Jones Community Heroes that were honored on the field this past Monday night while visiting them around the region.


Southpaw with Community Hero Jeremy Walton


Southpaw with Tammy Roberts, another Community Hero


Southpaw with Tammy Roberts and the children she works with at the YMCA

SouthPaw and the Street Team were busy this weekend visiting three separate AT&T locations. They were at the Central Ave store, the Glenmont store, and the East Greenbush store. Both the ValleyCat staff and the AT&T employees were excited to celebrate SouthPaw’s birthday on Sunday at SouthPaw’s Birthday Bash Game presented by AT&T! SouthPaw also got to “drive” on the Texting and Driving simulator at each store. This simulator was at the game on Sunday night as well. Turns out SouthPaw does not text and drive- Way to go SouthPaw!







Our Mayor Jennings head made it to the Alive at Five festival on July 18th. Though criticized for not being tan enough, and often being mistaken for Bill Clinton, the Mayor Jennings head was a hit. This particular Alive at Five was to christen the riverfront park as “Jennings Landing”, in honor of the retiring politician.






The Street Team made their way out to Downtown Schenectady this past Friday to join the thousands of Schenectady residents who were celebrating the beautiful summer night. Amidst the jugglers from Proctors, the dancers from Radio Disney, and the live band, the Street Team set up their inflatable and giveaway table to add to the great fun going on around them. The night ended with an intense fireworks show mixed with lightning.


The Street Team and SouthPaw continue to visit Crossgates Mall every Tuesday morning to jam out with 95.5 and the children of the Kids Club. The ValleyCats provide activity books and giveaways for those who participate. Still no Hot Potato wins for SouthPaw.






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