Pregame Meal: Friday, June 28th

By Matt Appel (@mattappel)

A very happy Friday evening, ‘Cats fans! Hope you’re dry wherever you’re reading this, as here at The Joe, the tarp is currently on the field. However, we are still planning to play this first of three versus the Connecticut Tigers, as the ValleyCats will try to improve upon their already league-best record of 9-2. The Tigers enter the game tonight of 3-7, 5.5 games behind Tri-City.

-The last two nights at the stadium have felt like Groundhogs Day, as for the third straight night, Dan Gulbransen and Ronnie Mitchell more or less carried the team, with some additional help from James Ramsay once again. Those three combined to go a ridiculous 9-for-14 with a HR (from Ramsey) and seven RBI. Since Tuesday, they are 20-for-38 (.526) with 5 HR and 17 RBI. Yes, you read that right.

-Got a chance to talk to Gulbransen before the game tonight about a few things; being in Tri-City again, his unreal start, comparing and contrasting this year’s team to last year’s team, to name a few. Dan is one of the best guys to talk to on this team, because you’ll always great candid and real answers. He said that he’s matured a lot as a baseball player since the end of last year, and that is certainly evident in his start. Entering tonight’s ball game, Gulbransen ranks second in the league witha a .395 average.

-From the category of “Trivial Statistics That Are Guaranteed Not To Hold Up The Rest Of the Year”, after last night’s win, Tri-City is now 9-0 when they score at least one run, 7-0 when they score first, 7-0 when they homer, 5-0 when they either play errorless ball OR commit 3+ errors in a game (my personal favorite), and lastly, 2-0 on Wednesdays. #NumbersAreFun

-Mark Appel Watch 2013: Still no update. Sorry.

-No BP today because of the weather, so no Batting Practice Hero Award to hand out tonight. Sorry, folks.


2B Tony Kemp

CF D’Andre Toney

1B Conrad Gregor

LF Dan Gulbransen

DH Michael Martinez

RF Ronnie Mitchell

C Ernesto Genoves

3B Ryan Dineen

SS Chan Moon

RHP Tanner Bushue

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Matt, do you think you could post the pregame meal a little earlier, like 6PM? I like to read it before the game, but I’m usually headed to the game by the time you post. No smartphone, so can’t read it at the Stadium! Enjoy what you write very much, just wish I could read it BEFORE the game.

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