Four former ‘Cats on World Baseball Classic rosters

On Thursday, all 16 provisional rosters for the upcoming World Baseball Classic were revealed. Four former ValleyCats will represent their country. Murilo Gouvea (’10) with Brazil, Jimmy Van Ostrand (’06) with Canada, Antonio Noguera (’08, ’09) with Spain and Ben Zobrist (’04) with USA.

In addition, ‘Cats ’11-’12 manager Stubby Clapp will be a member of the coaching staff for Canada.

Special mention should go out to four other former ‘Cats who represented their country during the qualifying rounds, but failed to reach the first round. Douglas Arguello (’05-’06) with Nicaragua, Dayan Diaz (’11) with Columbia, Alex Sogard (’10) with Czech Republic and Ben Orloff (’10) with Israel.

The tournament begins on March 2 when Brazil faces two-time defending champion Japan in Fukuoka, Japan.

Team USA begins play on March 8 facing off against Mexico at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ. They are a member of the Arizona bracket that also includes Canada and Italy.

MLB Network will broadcast all 39 games. The championship series will take place March 17-19 at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

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