Strike Out Bullying!

Anti-Bullying is a very important issue, and we have most recently teamed up with BlueShield of Northeastern New York to create an anti-bullying workbook that is handed out to children at the stadium and on our many visits to local schools, libraries, etc.

We have expanded upon the workbook to create an anti-bullying mascot skit and were asked to perform it in front of the children at School 14 in Troy. Both the workbook and the skit are designed to help children understand what bullying is and how to properly treat others.

Following the skit, we made sure the children recited the “ValleyCats Peace Pledge” below:

I pledge to respect people even if they are different than me.
I will stand up and speak out against bullying.
I will show other kindness and eliminate hurtful behavior.
I will help others, be a friend, and include everyone despite our differences.
I pledge to be a part of the ValleyCats team, and strike out bullying!

Here is a video of the entire skit featuring Sammy Baseball, SouthPaw, Rowdy, Ribbie and Spiedie the Chicken:

If you would like more information on how to get the ValleyCats to perform their anti-bullying skit for your school or organization, contact Michelle Skinner at 629-2287 Ext. 15.

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