Operation Sandy Relief: Coney Island

Today we are headed down to Coney Island in Brooklyn to bring all of the items donated by members of the Capital Region community to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The amount of donations we received in just three days is unbelievable! It shows just how great members of the Capital Region community are, and how much they want to help their neighbors to the south.

Check out this cargo van full of donations!!

‘Cats Fan Development Manager Michelle Skinner helping to load the van to Coney Island.

We are honored to be transporting all of the items, and will also be volunteering our time as part of Coneyrecovers.org (#ConeyRecovers).

Coney Island is home to our New York-Penn League friends & neighbors, the Brooklyn Cyclones. A FEMA mobile command unit has been stationed in their parking lot since the storm ended.

We are excited to be heading down & can’t wait to help out! Some of the best help can come through cash donations. ConeyRecovers has set up a fund to helping Coney Island recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.  They are accepting cash contributions to help Coney residents, businesses, and community groups in their time of need.  100 percent of these funds will go to storm relief and recovery efforts.

Click here for more information on how you can help.

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