Calling all ‘Cats fans: Input Wanted

As mentioned on our recent posts, last week we held our annual strategic planning meetings to review the 2012 season and brainstorm for 2013.

During this two day session, we went over the 2012 promotional schedule and gave our input on the good, the bad and the ugly. We discussed what should be done again and what should be scrapped. We also came up with a number of new ideas, some our own and some that were brought back from the Minor League Baseball Promotional Seminar.

Here are some ideas/topics that were discussed:

  • Arts at the ballpark
  • 90’s Night
  • Oktoberfest/German Night
  • Faith Night
  • 1K Beer Run
  • A specific movie theme night
  • Visits from former MLB players
  • Bobbleheads
  • Giveaway items
  • In-game entertainment/promotions
  • Video ideas
  • Yearbooks/Gameday programs
  • Additional picnic areas
  • Suite design
  • Merchandise
  • Game worn jersey auctions
  • Mini-plans

Now we’re looking for input from our fans. What would you like to see done at “The Joe” in 2013? What didn’t you like from last year? What bobbleheads/giveaways/promotions should we do? Music requests? Any and all input will be greatly appreciated!

You can either comment below, post on our Facebook page, tweet @ValleyCats, e-mail , or call us at 518-629-2287. We’d love to hear from you!


LOVE the idea of Former MLB players from the VALLEYCATS, how about some ASTROS players?? After all, it IS the Houston Astros Single A Team???? I am always so suprised when I hear that people still don’t know this :(

Would like to see FREE WiFi at the ballpark.
Arts in the ballpark – Great Idea!
Interested in ideas for Faith Night!
How about LIVE band during fireworks?
How about a photo contest? Not just through facebook.

I second the wi-fi idea. I’m pretty much there for baseball, so all the extra stuff doesn’t really matter, but I’ll definitely skip a game to avoid faith night.

How about bringing in the San Diego chicken? he’s a riot, and could you please stop with the kiss cam? it puts people on the spot and people dread it might land on them, and that constant Steve Carrell shouting ‘loud noises’ isn’t funny, doesn’t work, and is obnoxious.

Perhaps upgrade the quality of the hot dogs and hambugers, and grill them.
Love everything else, keep up the great work!

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