Stubby Session #2

Fans, our second “Stubby Session” coming at you tomorrow afternoon and we are giving you the opportunity to ask ValleyCat Manager Stubby Clapp a question! To get your question(s) asked, either type them into the comments section here or tweet us your question(s) @ValleyCats by using the #AskStubby.


Question for Stubby – What benefits have you seen of going with a 6-man rotation at this level? And was this done primarily to get everyone who deserves it an opportunity or in order to limit innings on the starters? Or both?

You know, burying the Stedler division early & having the best record in the NY Penn League is awesome. However, if we keep playing this great, how long will it be when our players get promoted by the Astros organization & we lose them?

Is Travis Ballew a reliever long term? Or will he get a look as a starter at some point?

Stubby, the only trouble the Cats have had was with the Spikes, who seemed to be a tougher team than what the Cats have faced otherwise. Do you have any concern about the Cats being able to handle tougher teams?

Stubby…we know you hate your Bowman rookie card. What would be your preferred method of destroying a stack of them

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