ValleyCats Street Team in the Community

Let’s take a look at where the Street Team and SouthPaw have been lately:

New Visions:

On Tuesday, June 26th, SouthPaw and Amy visited New Visions to attend their ice cream social. They handed out ValleyCats drawstring bags with Playbills and Schedule Magnets. There was a live band that SouthPaw and his new friends danced to. Everyone seemed really excited to find out that they would be attending a game in the near future.

East Greenbush Library Visit:

On Tuesday, June 26th, the Street Team along with ValleyCats pitcher, Brian Holmes, and catcher, Mike “M.P.” Cokinos visited the East Greenbush Public Library where Brian and M.P. each read a book to over 40 children in attendance. They also answered questions, signed autographs, and posed for pictures. Pappy made a guest appearance and listened intently to Brian and M.P.

North Greenbush Library Visit:

Also on Tuesday, the Street Team and ValleyCats pitchers Travis Ballew and Kenny Long visited the North Greenbush Library. Kenny and Travis read a book to over 35 children in attendance. They answered questions, posed for pictures, and signed autographs. The children were also happy to see SouthPaw.

Frozen Ropes:

On Friday, June 29th, pitchers Brad Propst and Jeremiah Meiners, along with the Street Team, visited Frozen Ropes Summer Camp where they helped run drills on pitching and fielding. The campers were in age from 6-12 and each got to spend time with the ‘Cats. After the drills, Brad and Jeremiah signed autographs and took some pictures with all of the campers.

Classie Lassies Softball Tournament:

On Saturday, June 30th, the Street Team visited the Classie lassies Softball Facility for the State Championship Tournament. They set up the skee-ball inflatable and handed out ValleyCats drawstring bags to any person who “hit a home run.” The inflatable was so well received, none of the children, even those who had games, wanted to put it down.

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