Street Team Spreads Excitement For Opening Day

by: Gabe Cassillo

As the countdown to Opening Day and the start of the 2012 season continues to inch ever closer,  our very own Street Team led by beloved SouthPaw has been busy.  Here are some of the highlights from this past week.

Lunch at the Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany!  Last Tuesday SouthPaw and the Street Team soaked in the sunshine by handing out pocket schedules and taking pictures with enthusiastic fans of all ages.  On Wednesday, SouthPaw met more fans outside at the Plaza’s Farmer’s Market.

Excited kids and SouthPaw at the State Capital in downtown Albany

After a Morning downtown, the Team headed over to St. Gregory’s School to show their support as students K-4 participated in an end of the year Field Day.  Unable to fit his large feet into the potato sacks, SouthPaw couldn’t participate in the relay races, but was happy to lend his expertise with ValleyCats trivia.  He also took part in his favorite activity, posing for pictures!  It was a great day, and many of the students plan to take in a game at “The Joe” this season

Friday morning, SouthPaw and Amy went to Southgate Elementary School to participate in another day of sun, games and races at their Purple and White Field Day.  SouthPaw raced school mascot, Allie the Alligator, and we can proudly report, won the race.  After outside activities, the kids enjoyed freezepops and snacks along with a slideshow of pictures from the days events.  Southpaw was happy to high five and smile with the excited and energetic youngsters.

In the afternoon, SouthPaw, Amy, Kevin, and Michelle headed over to CBA for the Colonie Relay for Life.  Making it’s debut for the ‘Cats was a brand new inflatable game, the object of which is to bounce one of the balls off the wood circle and into the different holes labeled single, double, triple, home run.  The game turned out to be a lot harder than it looked.

Youngsters test out one of this year’s new inflatables!























Continuing the busy week, on Saturday morning, SouthPaw and members of the ‘Cats front office headed to the Berkshire bank Carnival to help celebrate the grand opening of their new location in North Greenbush.  The carnival included more inflatables, the always popular prize wheel, and a baseball card maker.  Even though the weather was poor, those that made the venture out had a great time, enjoying the various activities and games., but the kids all enjoyed it.  SouthPaw put his undefeated racing record on the line and again, took home the prize, finishing first and beating out other local mascots such as Devil Dawg and Damien the Dane of SUNY Albany.

Capping off a great week, “The Joe” was proud to host Relay for Life of Rensselaer County Saturday evening.  Dozens of children played with inflatables making their debut this season, and hundreds of people cheered on SouthPaw and three of his mascot friends as they all raced along the third base line.  Yet again, SouthPaw was victorious.  More importantly, Relay for Life raised over $49,000 for the evening!  Be sure to come to “The Joe” on Saturday July 7th as the ‘Cats will be sporting Relay for Life jerseys to be auctioned off during the game.  Proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

Relaying for Life.

Even the ValleyCats’ extended family of mascots got into the spirit.

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