Final Draft Results (Updating)

As the dust from the MLB Draft begins to clear, let’s take a final look at a complete list of picks from Round 1 to Round 40 for the Houston Astros.  Over the course of the next few days, we expect to hear news about players signing and where they will be assigned.  Be sure to check back as we continue to update the draft list.

(Signed Players in Bold)
*Possible* ValleyCats Assignees in RED

1. (1) Carlos Correa-SS (P.R. Baseball Academy)
1.5. (41) Lance McCullers-RHP (Jesuit HS, FL)
2. (61) Nolan Fontana-SS (University of Florida)
3. (96) Brady Rodgers-RHP (Arizona St.)
4. (129) Rio Ruiz-3B (Bishop Amat HS, CA)
5. (159) Andrew Aplin-CF (Arizona St.)
6. (189) Brett Phillips-CF (Seminole HS, FL)
7. (219) Preston Tucker-OF (University of Florida)
8. (249) Tyler Heineman-C (UCLA)
9. (279) Daniel Minor-RHP (Texas A & M Corpus Christi)
10. (309) Joseph Bircher-LHP (Bradley University)
11. (339) Hunter Virant-LHP (Adolfo Camarillo HS, CA)
12. (369) Terrell Joyce-LF (Florida State College)
13. (399) Brian Holmes-LHP (Wake Forest)
14. (429) Joe Sclafani-SS (Dartmouth)
15. (459) Erick Gonzalez-RHP (Gateway Community College)
16. (489) Dan Gulbransen-LF (Jacksonville University)
17. (519) Aaron West-RHP (Washington University)
18. (549) Ricky Gingras-C (Point Loma Nazarene Univeristy)
19. (579) Austin Elkins-2B (Dallas Baptist University)
20. (609) Ryan Clark-LHP (Kent State University)
21. (639) Marc Wik-CF (Chabot College)
22. (669) Kenneth Long-LHP (Illinois St. University)
23. (699) Travis Ballew-RHP (Texas State)
24. (729) Patrick Blair-SS (Wake Forest)
25. (759) Ryan Dineen-SS (Eastern Illinois University)
26. (789) C.J. Hinojosa-SS (Klein Collins HS, TX)
27. (819) Tanner Mathis-CF (University of Mississippi)
28. (849) Angel Ibanez-3B (University of Texas Pan American)
29. (879) Christian Garcia-RHP (Florence-Darlington Tech, SC)
30. (909) John Neely-RHP (Texas Tech)
31. (939) M.P. Cokinos-C (St. Mary’s University)
32. (969) Tyler Manez-LHP (Plainedge HS, NY)
33. (999) Mike Hauschild-RHP (University of Dayton)
34. (1029) Jordan Jankowski-RHP (Catwaba College)
35. (1059) James Sinatro-C (Skyline HS, WA)
36. (1089) Michael Martinez-1B (Florida International)
37. (1119) Michael Dimock-RHP (Wake Forest)
38. (1149) Zachary Remillard-3B (LaSalle Institute, NY)
39. (1179) Mitchell Traver-RHP (Traver Christian HS, TX)
40. (1209) Joe Shaw-RHP (Ennis HS, TX)


Is the 39th pick, Zachary Remillard from LaSalle Institute in Troy, New York? If so, he won’t have to go far if he is assigned to the ValleyCats :) LOL!

Yes! We would love to see Zach in Troy this summer. It’s unlikely he will sign with the Astros though. If he does wind up signing, there’s a good chance he would be assigned to the Gulf Coast League in Florida.

Hopefully we will see him eventually! Love to see a hometown boy play at the Joe!

He is playing for the Dutchmen right now if you want to go see him.

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