Bracket Breakfast

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins this week, and this morning The Sports Foundation of the Capital Region held their 4th Annual Bracket Breakfast at the Recovery Sports Grill on Hoosick Street in Troy.

WNYT sports anchor Andrew Catalon moderated the event and was joined by former Siena basketball star Prosper Karangwa. Each gave their selections for the tournament and the rest of the attendees listened intently.

Prosper and Andrew:
Catalon Karangwa

For those wondering what Prosper is up to these days, he is the founder and CEO of Global Scouting Services, a top notch scouting service that offers in-depth basketball talent evaluation of college players who have the potential to play professionally. Prosper watches many basketball games throughout the year, so his picks were definitely worth listening to.

The Sports Foundation puts on this event each year to raise money to help promote sports in the Capital Region. Its goals are to improve the quality of life and enhance economic development throughout the region by maintaining and acquiring diversity of amateur sporting events, and by creating other special events.

For more information on The Sports Foundation, click here to visit their website.

Who do you have reaching the Final Four?

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