SouthPaw & the Siena Seniors!

Sunday was Senior Day/the last home game of the regular season for the Siena men’s basketball team, and we were thrilled to be able to be apart of it!

Action Shot 1

SouthPaw roamed the stands to mingle with the fans, threw some t-shirts and took part in some on-court promotions. Special thanks to Bernie for sharing the day with his buddy SouthPaw. (Cats and dogs do get along!)

SouthPaw Bernie

Here are a bunch of photos from the day:


Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings

SouthPaw DArgenio

Siena Athletic Director John D'Argenio


Sign Ups

Actions Shot 2

Siena senior Kyle Downey takes a shot. Downey had a career high 28 points in his final home game.

SouthPaw Basketball

SouthPaw trying to be like Downey

SouthPaw Shoots

SouthPaw misses basket

No luck...SouthPaw needs more practice!


SouthPaw ValleyCats Fan

SouthPaw 5050

SouthPaw Albany PD

SouthPaw in the crowd

SouthPaw sits with fans

SouthPaw TU Security

SouthPaw with kid

SouthPaw DogPound1

SouthPaw DogPound2

SouthPaw DogPound3

FOX23 Sports Director Rich Becker

FOX23 Sports Director Rich Becker

SouthPaw Kids Screaming

SouthPaw TShirts 2

SouthPaw TShirts 1

SouthPaw cheerleaders

SouthPaw BigHead Seniors

Siena RJM Interview

ValleyCats GM Rick Murphy interviewed by Time Warner Cable Sports

SouthPaw MJ Interview

SouthPaw felt left out, so he was next!

SouthPaw Friar

SouthPaw conducting

SouthPaw trombone

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