‘Cats to renovate Schoharie Little League

Schoharie Little League under water following Hurricane Irene (fox23news.com)

On Wednesday our entire front office is looking forward to revamping Schoharie Little League, which was damaged by Hurricane Irene. The floods caused by the hurricane left the entire playing surface under water and moved the dugouts and clubhouse off their foundations.

With the help of volunteers and clay provided by John Deere Landscaping, we will rebuild the entire infield surface, pitchers mound and home plate areas and will re-sod parts of the infield grass.

We’ve always felt a responsibility to our community to make sure we help the youth baseball/softball leagues in any way possible. That includes making sure they have safe and well-maintained fields to play on.

After ten years, we’ve had plenty of experience renovating youth fields in our area. Most recently we completed the 4 in 24 Extreme Field Renovation, where we renovated four youth baseball fields in just 24-hours.

This time it is just one field, but it’s extremely important to all the kids who will be looking forward to playing come spring time.

We’ll be sure to post a recap at the end of the week.

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