Saturday’s Sponsor Spotlight: Finnigan’s Sports Cards

In a new weekly segment that will be posted every Saturday, we will shine the spotlight on some of our many sponsors and give you a look into their business. Our inaugural segment will feature Finnigan’s Sports Cards, located at 1593 Central Avenue in Albany.


Many of us grew up collecting sports cards and for some it’s still a huge passion. That especially holds true for Jeff Finnigan, owner of Finnigan’s Sports Cards which has been in business for 11 years.


Born and raised in East Greenbush, Jeff first began collecting cards at the age of seven. The first set he ever put together was 1978 Topps Football including Tony Dorsett and his first baseball set was the 1980 set featuring Ricky Henderson. During that time, obtaining trading cards was not as easy as it is today. Jeff says he got some of his cards at Wolworth’s, Price Chopper and Joy’s in East Greenbush.

Still, shops like Finnigan’s are still rare. Jeff told us that there are only about a couple hundred stores like his in the entire country. Collectors sometimes travel up to four hours to come to his shop!



Jeff estimates that he has around 4 million cards in his store!



Jeff just recently finished putting together a 1957 baseball card collection:



This set is very valuable, but the most valuable single item that Jeff owns isn’t even in the store. Located in a safe deposit box is a 1909 Walter Johnson that is valued at close to $7,000.

The rarest cards to see are those that came from tobacco and cigarette cartons. The ones pictured below are valued at hundreds of dollars each:




Cards aren’t the only thing you can find in Jeff’s store. There are autographed balls, photos and memorabilia scattered around the store as well.





This signed Jackie Robinson card is one of only five:


Cal Ripken Jr. and Ken Griffey Jr.:


Look what we stumbled upon…Former ‘Cat J.D. Martinez:


Maybe someday J.D.’s card will be worth as much as these:


This past season at “The Joe,” Jeff featured some great cards on our concourse. It was a big hit!

Finnigans Cards at Stadium

During the season we even featured an old school baseball card machine in our team store:


Proceeds from the cards were donated to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation through “Autographs 4 Alopecia,” a campaign created by two brothers in which one suffers from the disease. Click here for more information.

If you are a sports card collector, Finnigan’s Sports Cards is definitely a must-stop shop. Jeff is extremely friendly and helpful. He also knows a few things about sports cards!

We’ll leave you with a few more photos:






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