‘Cats Intern rewarded…heading to World Series!

In 2011 the Tri-City ValleyCats took part in Minor League Baseball’s “Go for the Goal” challenge, a retail promotion to motivate teams to increase sales with a combination of creative merchandise items, promotions, and displays.  It was open to every merchandise department in MiLB.

ValleyCats Merchandising Intern and current Siena College student Tom Carmona, along with Fan Relations Manager Michelle Skinner were grand prize winners for all Short-Season/Rookie League clubs, and have won an all-expense paid trip to World Series Game 1 & 2 in St. Louis!

Carmona and Skinner led the ValleyCats campaign by:

  • Setting and meeting a 2011 sales goal and submitting a plan to reach that goal.
  • Developing and implementing retail promotions in four categories – Opening Day, Patriotic, Charity (Pink Shirts), and “Wild Card” (Game Day Used Merchandise Program to give a portion back to the team for donating their items)
  • Retail Displays – Provide MiLB with our ideas and photos of our displays  (Game Used / Kids Corner)

Teams could receive extra credit for sending additional photos, programs, and promotions each month to share with all teams participating.

Tom and Michelle will be capturing the entire trip and will share their photos with you when they get back. Have fun guys!

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