Interns are in! What’s the Top of the Hill?

Monday was the first day for almost all of the ValleyCats 2011 intern class, and the annual orientation was held in one of the HVCC campus classrooms.

All of the full-time staff and interns introduced themselves to the group and each gave a nugget of information that some people may not know about them. Among the crowd are a few good bowlers, basketball players, volleyball players, those who love to golf, more than one who have played against Jimmer Fredette and there’s also a skydiver in the group.

There are 25 total interns hailing from cities around the Capital Region and also around the country including Alabama, Wisconsin and Texas. Colleges that interns have attended or are currently attending  include West Virginia, Texas A&M, Syracuse, Coastal Carolina, St. Cloud State, Michigan State, Princeton, University of Alabama, University of Wisconsin, Springfield, Endicott, St. John Fisher, SUNY Oneonta, Skidmore, St.Rose, Siena, RPI and HVCC.

As the season goes on, you will get know more about all of our interns and their roles. They are an intrical part of the ValleyCats organization and are held in the same regard as all of the full-time staff members.

Can you believe there are only 24 more days until Opening Day?? WOW!


Top of the Hill from afar

As you’ve notice over the years, we are always trying to improve the ballpark each season with added group areas and enhancements. Last year a brand new granite bar was installed on our Top of the Hill Bar & Grill.

If you’ve been to a ValleyCats game and have never ventured to the “top of the hill” in left field, you are missing out on a great view and great experience.

Maybe it’s because it’s a bit of walk or maybe it’s because you haven’t noticed it or thought it was private. The truth about the Top of the Hill Bar & Grill is that if a picnic is booked in that area, it is private until an hour and fifteen minutes after game time. So if the game starts at 7pm…Top of the Hill is open at 8:15.

Family night out!

Some nights, the Top of the Hill will not be booked and will be open to the public beginning when the gates open. Look for new signage this year next to the scoreboard to fill you in on the Top of the Hill hours that night. We’ll also fill you in via Twitter/Facebook on game days.

Granite bar

Group at the bar

Picnic area

You have three options for food…one is to choose the same menu as the Picnic Pavilion. That is buffet style which includes chicken wings, sausage & peppers, hot dogs/hamburgers, french fries/onion rings, chips, peanuts/kettlecorn and beverages.

You also have the option of choosing a BBQ style menu that includes bbq chicken, pulled pork, hot dogs/hamburgers, potato salad, chips, watermelon and beverages.

Thirdly you can choose the Top of the Hills Surf n’ Turf menu which includes steak, chicken spiedes, clams, salt potatoes, corn on the cob, hot dogs/hamburgers, potato salad, chips, watermelon and beverages.

Buffet style meal


Granite Bar

The Top of the Hill is currently available for Opening Day on Friday, June 17th. If you have a group between 50-120 people that would like to spend your night at the Top of the Hill Bar & Grill, call (518) 629-2287 to book your outing.

Here are a few more photos:
Plenty of room

Picture perfect!

Catchin' some game action!

Pre-game meal

Food & baseball!

Having a great time


You should be proud to call yourself a ValleyCat Intern… Many have come before you! Don’t let us down!

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