Minor League Baseball University

ValleyCats GM Rick Murphy and Assistant GM Matt Callahan are in Florida this week for the New York-Penn League meetings and their day on Wednesday was spent at the MiLB Offices in St. Petersburgh for “Minor League Baseball University.”

Matt Callahan provided this recap of the day with pictures to follow:

The Minor League Baseball home office provides support for each of the 160 minor league affiliates that make up the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues. This support includes providing informational resources on the trademarks, licensing, rules/regulations and the history of Minor League Baseball. The MiLB home office also focuses heavily on maintaining and strengthening the relationship with Major League Baseball.

Minor League Baseball University is an educational program for club executives. Today’s session included topics such as Rules & Regulations, Baseball Operations, Professional Baseball Umpire Corp, Licensing & Trademarks, Communication, and Marketing.

Presenters included Pat O’Conner, President of Minor League Baseball, Tim Purpura, Executive VP and COO of MiLB, Scott Poley, Sr. VP Legal Affairs, and Tina Gust VP Business Development.

Each of the 14 N.Y.P.L. teams had at least one representative on hand to take the course. We also received a tour of the facility. It was a great opportunity to share ideas and also here about some of the challenges that other MiLB teams are facing.

Now for some photos:

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