Field Renovations Continue

The 2010 season may have come to an end, but the ‘Cats community involvement continued this afternoon. Today, members of the Tri-City ValleyCats front office began the two-day process of “rehabbing” the Averill Park High School baseball field.

AP HighSchoolField1.jpg

The field has been in use since 1997, so it was in “rough condition” according to many. The Averill Park Warriors‘ Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman baseball teams all utilize this diamond.

AP HighSchoolField3.jpg

Renovations include rebuilding both the pitchers mound and homeplate…

AP HighSchoolField2.jpg

AP HighSchoolField4.jpg

AP HighSchoolField5.jpg

The infield dirt will be rehabbed and the grass will be over-seeded…

AP HighSchoolField6.jpg

AP HighSchoolField7.jpg

The baselines will be edged and finished…

AP HighSchoolField8.jpg


AP HighSchoolField9.jpg
In March, the ValleyCats helped to renovate Brunswick Little League as part of their Field Renovation Program.

Here’s the story:

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Talk about a “grass roots” movement! I am always impressed when the ValleyCat staff goes to an area ballfield and works their magic.

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